H20 It’s in the rain… and one drop can kill you. By. Virginia Bergin

Peyton McCubbin

Peyton McCubbin, Writer

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H2O is a page-turner from beginning to end. It combines a main character that can relate to teens with an apocalyptic scenario to make this book a true thriller and a must-read in the young adult genre.

Set in today’s time in a small town in Europe, we find Ruby Morris. She starts out the book by saying that if this were a regular story, then there would probably be some awesome problem, like an asteroid, that the heroes end up destroying and then the two main characters will fall in love… but that is absolutely not how this story goes.

Her story starts, like many stereotypical teenage stories, at a party.  The party is quickly shut down by the parents of the kid who’s throwing the party, Zak. It’s not shut down for typical reasons, the party is shut down because it’s raining, and because of a warning being broadcasted over the radio, “This is an emergency public service broadcast. The rain, it’s in the rain.”

Ruby says if you are reading this then you are very, very lucky to be alive because, after the initial rain, only 0.27%  of the population is alive. The rain is poisonous, and one drop can kill you. Not to give away the thrilling climax of the book, but this book truly keeps you on your toes as a reader, and Virginia Bergin really does put you right in the action. You might even be afraid to go out in the rain after reading it.

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H20 It’s in the rain… and one drop can kill you. By. Virginia Bergin