The Treatment Review

By Chaylin Howard

Chaylin Howard, Staff Writer

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Imagine. You live in a world similar to ours, with one exception: Suicide is an epidemic. If you show any signs of depression, you will be taken into The Program. They will strip you of your memories and personality until you are nothing but an empty shell of a human being.

You will be rid of your passions, the people you love and completely disconnected from your old life. The doctors are passive-aggressive and put on forced smiles and calm you down, to put a shot in your arm the next moment. Once you’re in, you never get out.

The Treatment by Suzanne Young is a phenomenal book. This book is the second of the series. It takes places in a utopian society where suicide is “contagious.” This books keeps you on your toes, it keeps you intrigued till end the novel. The main characters, Sloane and James, are running from what the book calls “The Program” (this was also the name of the first book in the series. James and Sloane have to fight to stay together and keep their memories.

In the second novel of the series, The Treatment wraps up all the loose ends from The Program and gives readers both a chapter six months after the main action of the book and an epilogue. In The Treatment, Sloane and James were both on the run in this book, and still undecided if one of them should take the pill which will allow them to regain their memories. I could see where they were both coming from, but it really seemed like the odds were against them all the time.

Throughout this drama and action novel, there are moments within the books that will make you cry, mad and aggravated. As I was reading the book, I felt as if I was there as one of the characters. I felt the emotions the characters did. Overall this book is a 8/10 and I most definitely recommend it.

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The Treatment Review