Hush Review

By Ali Miller, Writer and Photographer

Ali Miller, Writer and Photographer

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Hush, was released March, 12, 2016, it’s full horror and leaves you with questions popping in your head and the feeling of wanting to jump out of your seat. Kate Siegel stars as Maddie Young, who is an author but is also deaf.

Maddie lives in a house somewhere in the woods. Her friend who is also her neighbor, Sarah (Samantha Sloyan) returns a book to her and later that night, Sarah is chased back to Maddie’s house by a man who wears a mysterious mask (John Gallagher Jr.). Sarah tries to get Maddie’s attention by banging on the door, but Maddie is too busy doing her night chores that she doesn’t see her and what happens.

The man soon realizes that Maddie is deaf and decides to make another woman a victim. He starts to mess with her electricity and internet. As Maddie realizes that she is being stalked, she locks herself in her house.

Maddie tried to trick him into leaving, so she writes on the window with lipstick that her boyfriend would be home soon and that she wouldn’t tell and that she couldn’t see his face anyways. The man answers to her by taking off his mask and shows his face. Throughout the movie he taunts her by hanging Sarah’s body to the outside window, ruins her car, and cuts her power.

As you can tell this movie pushes you off of your seat every 5 minutes. And that’s just the beginning of the story.

This movie gets your adrenaline pumping more compared to other horror movies. You feel like you’re in the house with her, feeling everything she feels. If you haven’t seen this movie, I advise you to watch it. It’ll change the way you feel about other movies and make this one your favorite. I give this movie five stars. It’s one of the best horror movies I have watched in the past two years.

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Hush Review