Justice League (2017) Review

Jon Davis, Writer

Jon Davis, Staff Writer

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 Before watching Justice League on November 17, I had lots in mind for this film. I was hoping not to hate it like I did most of the films in the series. A fairly decent amount of the D.C. movies that have come out haven’t had much to offer in terms of quality. It’s important to bring up these other films in the D.C. universe because the future of this movie series rides on this film, and the only overall positive movie in the franchise is Wonder Woman. While I don’t hate those other movies entirely, they have big problems, and these problems affected my anticipations for Justice League.  Despite my low expectations, I’m glad to say I really enjoyed this film. It was colorful and funny, and I actually enjoyed Superman’s character .

  The color in this film feels bright and cheerful – no longer a horrible looking nightmare. The only time the darker, drab colors work is with Batman, but when it comes to Superman and Wonder Woman it doesn’t work at all. When Superman comes back (something everyone expected), his character is completely different and acts how Superman is expected to:  heroically. Out of all the characters, The Flash is the funniest character in the film – the audience loved him.

    The plot is that Batman and Wonder Woman are recruiting other meta humans (The Flash, Aqua-Man, and Cyborg) after the death of Superman. Not only that, but an evil force is coming to destroy the Earth. It’s fun to watch this basic story of super heroes. Growing up, I loved watching all the older superhero movies Superman (1978), Batman (1989), and all the cartoons. I had wanted to see the Justice League in a live action film for a long time. There’s lots of good chemistry between all the characters, but the friendships are probably my favorite aspect. Seeing them all come together and fight was just awesome.

  There are so many movies about heroes. This movie really doesn’t have much of anything new, but it’s still a great time to have. My only problem is that it’s too short. If you re-watch the trailers, it’s obvious that lots of scenes were cut out, such as many of the films in this series. I don’t know any specific scenes that would have helped the film’s flow, but you could tell it was heavily edited. Some things were obviously cut that were in a specific part of a scene, and it was awkward. The Blu-Rays of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad had extended versions that helped the movies flows and feel less of a mess. Hopefully the same will be done to Justice League.

  Overall, Justice League is great time to have. I loved seeing all of the characters finally together. It was a fast movie – the two-hour run time flew by very fast. However, I will definitely see it again and buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out. I give it a 3.5/5  

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Justice League (2017) Review