Should We Celebrate Halloween?

By Landon Simmons, Assistant Editor

Landon Simmons, Assistant Editor

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Americans have debated whether or not we should celebrate Halloween for years. What better time to revive the discussion than just two weeks before the controversial holiday itself? With Halloween just around the corner, there will undoubtedly be vocalized objection to the holiday very soon – but what for?

Anti-Halloweeners often express their disdain for the holiday by explaining that it is “Satanic and un-Christian.” Sure, you could kind of see what a person may mean by this, as Halloween tends to leave no shortage of ghouls running around the neighborhood, but are those accusations accurate?

First of all, the accusations that Halloween is “Satanic” are completely false. According to, Halloween can be traced back 2000 years ago to the Celts, who celebrated the first rendition of the holiday as “Samhain” on October 31st every year. It was believed that on this day, the spirits of the dead returned to the earth. When the influence of Christianity had reached the Celts, the Church attempted to “replace” the pagan holiday with “All Souls Day.” This eventually morphed into what we know as Halloween today. One could hardly call it “un-Christian.”

Though, as stated above, it’s easy to see why people may resort to labeling Halloween with those titles. Halloween is known for its dark-themed, spooky nature. It’s a time of year in which the darker things in life are “celebrated” (if you could call it that). The truth is, nothing wrong is being advocated by the holiday. Halloween is a time for kids to dress up, get candy, and, most importantly, to have fun. Some people may do less-than-nice things in celebration of Halloween, but, if we’re going to be honest, these people are likely doing less-than-nice things year-round.

If Halloween is still too “ungodly” for you, that’s fine. Just don’t push your ideals on everyone else – you may be surprised to learn that your religion isn’t exclusive to this country, and that not everyone holds the same belief system as you.

All in all, there’s definitely nothing wrong with going trick-or-treating this Halloween. Halloween has been a beloved tradition among Americans for years, and there has yet to be any serious problem that has been caused by it. Halloween is simply a time for people to have fun – is that too different from any other holiday? Don’t fret about celebrating this upcoming All Souls Day. Get out there, dress up, and take as much candy as you desire!

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Should We Celebrate Halloween?