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Beta: Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime

Andie Woodcox, Staff Writer

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Imagine sitting in a bus for about two hours, getting dropped off at a gorgeous hotel, then traversing to the Lexington Convention Center to get bombarded by crowds of people all having shirts that have the word “Beta” on them. Imagine no more folks, because this was actually reality! On the weekend of January 22, through the 24, the Taylor County Beta Club went to the state convention in Lexington, Kentucky. And let me tell you, it was quite the experience!
On January 22, the TCHS Beta Club loaded up a bus filled with over 25 kids and headed to Lexington, where individuals would compete in different events in hopes of going to Nationals. The excitement was palpable, and the noise deafening. Thank goodness the ride only lasted two hours! When we arrived at the convention center, it was quite the sight to behold. Throngs of people lined the inside as everyone made their way down the escalators to the food courts, scarfing down something to eat before an event started. Again, there was a tangible feeling of anticipation and excitement you couldn’t ignore, especially when it came time for competitions.
While we were there, everyone in the club competed in different events. Yours truly entered two pieces of artwork in the Drawing and Painting category in hopes of getting a ribbon. Sadly, that was not the case. The only person to medal for Taylor County was Amelia Bowen, a sophomore, who placed 3rd overall in the Special Talents division. She absolutely deserved it, singing a song written by Elton John from a little known play. She rocked the crowd and brought many to their feet as the applause shook the seating area. As a club, we couldn’t be prouder, especially our sponsors Mrs. King and Mrs. Dial.
Now don’t get me wrong, every person who participated gave their all for their event. Numerous people took tests in various subjects like Language Arts, Math, Science, and Agriculture. We also had individuals compete in Creative Writing and Speech divisions I and II. Our very own Matti Blakeman, a junior, campaigned for the Kentucky State Beta President, and wowed the crowds with her winning smiling and go-getter attitude. Although she didn’t win either, she still brought smiles to all our faces as she represented us. I personally couldn’t be prouder of my Beta family, even if we didn’t come home with the gold.
After the competing was over, I talked with some of my fellow Betas to see how they felt about the convention.
“It was really fun,” said Joseph Cox, a freshman. “I had a good time at my first Beta convention.”
I also talked with Donna Miller, another freshman, whom I roomed with.
“The assemblies were awesome and full of energy, I literally felt the bass in my chest,” she commented. Awesome indeed Donna, awesome indeed.
I can honestly say my last State Beta Convention was amazing, and I wouldn’t change a thing that happened. The fun memories and experiences we shared will always be with me as I continue my journey into college, and I know I can always turn back to my Beta family if I ever need anything.
Thanks for the memories, Beta.

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Beta: Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime