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5 Reasons Valentine’s Day is Important

By Miranda Cox, Writer

Miranda Cox, Writer

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Valentine’s Day  is celebrated by many of us on February 14th every year. This day falls on Tuesday this year. This special day is the day many really go overboard with those we love. It is a day filled with candy and hearts, and why is this day important?

  1.  It’s a day to celebrate love for everyone

Valentine’s Day was started by a guy known as St. Valentine, who was killed for helping Christians escape from harsh Roman prisons and his last love note to his true love said “…from your Valentine.” It is rumored that February 14th was the day he died. This day was originally a day to celebrate romantic love but quickly became a day to celebrate love for all. It should not be a day that we are forced to show affection to others. A genuine gesture is best as true love is not be forced.

  1.  You can give gifts

Valentine’s Day is another day to give to one another. You can give anything from an expensive gift, such as a diamond ring, to simply your time. You could give a box of chocolate or take your love out to the movies. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you spend a ton of money because it is the thought that counts. The point of this holiday is to let those around you know you love them, so gifts don’t really matter.

  1.  It gives you a reason to rekindle

Whether it is a friendship needing to be renewed, or you need to apologize to your ex, Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to show your love to them. Valentine’s Day gives us a reason to say “I’m sorry, can we start over?” On this special day you rekindle and tell others that you want a “do over” in their life.

  1.  It will make someone’s day

Single or not, getting a gift on this day means a lot. You may have a hard time showing affections, but getting someone a gift for Valentine’s day will let them know you do care for them. Whether it’s for your child, husband, or friend, a gift from you will surely make their day.

  1.  50% off chocolate the next day

This one is for all you single people out there. When you’re at home alone with your cat on Valentine’s day while your friends are out with their significant others celebrating just remember the next day you can get yourself Valentine’s candy the next day for 50% cheaper!  So don’t be sad  that you don’t have anyone to spend this day with just know that you can treat yourself later.

Valentine’s Day is for everyone regardless of relationship status. It gives you many reasons to celebrate with those you love. While we are to show love to one another everyday, you can use this day to do a little extra for those you love. No matter who you are, go out and buy a gift for someone that you love to show them that you truly care.


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5 Reasons Valentine’s Day is Important