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Fall Feels

By Ivy Neal, Writer

November 1, 2016

The beginning of fall is a significant time for many. It’s the start of cozy sweaters and scarves; it causes the emergence of seasonal recipes and condiments, as well as serving as the gateway season for endless holidays and feasting. Football and hunting season kicks off, and haunted houses and pumpkin patches pop up by the dozens.

However for the seniors of TCHS, it is an overwhelmingly busy season. October the first has become synonymous with the dreadful FAFSA, as well as the Early Action deadline for those of us with already planned life choices. For the few seniors already 18, voting registration becomes a part of their memorable  high school experience. (This, of course, gets all of Flinchum’s glorious approval.)

For the rest of us, it is a stressful whirlwind of a season with the constant threat of looming college application deadlines, rigorous and rapid ACT prep cram sessions as well as the ever present high school GPA and class rankings. Fall, no doubt, is better known as a season of adult-like decisions instead of the aesthetic pumpkin spice latte. However, for better or for worse, for the prepared or the procrastinators, the future is indeed upon us.

But, before the sleep deprivation, overwhelming work schedules, tiring homework balancing acts, nervous breakdowns, questioning college tours, coffee jitter, and overbooked planners gets too out of control for your teenage self to handle….just breathe, relax and get junk done. Because you better delete that Netflix account girl, you’re going to college!

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