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Upcoming Drama Productions

Andrew Lowe, Andrew Lowe

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It’s That time of year again! Time to start thinking about the upcoming TCHS Drama productions. This time around there will be two one act plays instead of one larger two act play. This allows for more students to participate and also to portray characters in the play that they find best fit.

The first of the two plays, Trifles by Susan Glaspell, focuses on the murder of a man in a small Nebraska town, and as such is a more serious play. The neighbor’s and sheriff try to find out just what happened and piece together the events that took place. Andrew Powell, Malorie Byrne, Lydia Epperson, and our very own Andrew Lowe all have significant parts in the play, alongside another role that has yet to be cast.  (Any guys interested in taking part in the school production can talk to Mrs. McAnelly about the part.)

Our second one act play is Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon by Don Zolidis, a comedy that includes crowd favorites names such as Elijah Epperson and Lauren Phillips, in lead roles alongside many others. This play focuses on a classic fairy tales but with a comedic twist.

These two productions will be put on April 27-29 and is set to take place on CU’s campus. However, these two productions could very well be the first to show in the new auditorium, given everything runs on schedule. No doubt our drama club will do great!

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Upcoming Drama Productions