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What Valentine’s Day Chocolate is the Best?

By Alanna Elwood, Editor

Alanna Elwood, Editor

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In the United States, 1.7 billion dollars is spent on chocolate annually in anticipation of Valentine’s. In reverence of such lucrative business, I took it upon myself to sacrifice both my health and my wallet by tasting a number of different chocolates to determine which were the best. You’re welcome.

  • Russell Stover All Milk Fine Chocolate $9.98

A beautiful array of quality milk chocolate perfect for you and your significant other on Valentine’s Day. With flavors like chocolate truffle topped with sprinkles, apricot creme and roman nougat, it’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. These flavors are particularly sugary and laden in rich milk chocolate.

  • For Someone Special Elmer’s Chocolate $10.00

Not the shining star of Valentine’s Day chocolate for sure. Although it’s beautifully packaged adorned by a milk chocolate rose, the candies themselves are not good quality. This assortment has no diversity with only five types. The chocolate is mediocre, with flavors that don’t mesh well like an orange creme reminiscent of a dollar store brand of chocolate. If your significant other likes chocolate with tacky flavors similar to childhood candy this is the box for you.

  • Dove Milk Chocolate Truffle Hearts $9.99

These chocolates are very good quality (Dove never disappoints) with a smooth milk chocolate shell and a soft truffle mousse center, each bite is absolutely heavenly. The only qualm I have with this package is it’s lack of variety. It only consists of one chocolate which is listed on the package but your significant other may be disappointed in the lack of dark chocolate or any other flavors.

  • Whitman’s Sampler $10.99

This box of Chocolates has simple packaging on the outside and a wonderful assortment on the inside. It has certain flavors that are more elegant than the others like maple fudge, cherry cordial and vanilla creme. All of the chocolates are wonderfully prepared and delightful. I recommend this box to anyone who enjoys chocolate and likes to be surprised.

All of these Valentine’s Day Chocolates can be purchased at your local supermarket. I hope this guide was helpful for your chocolate holiday chocolate endeavors.

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What Valentine’s Day Chocolate is the Best?