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Under the Radar: It’s Always the Quiet Ones

By Alanna Elwood

Alanna Elwood, Editor

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With a messy bob of curly blond hair, only breached by wide curious eyes, senior Chelsea Carroll can usually be spotted in the very front row in any of her given honors classes.

A petite character, usually clad in cardigans and quirky t- shirts, Carroll is your typical high school nerd. Besides her attire, she also holds a keen interest in science and math. Carroll’s schedule this year is filled to the brim with classes like AP biology and AP stats.

“I hope to become a meteorologist once I graduate, it would be such an interesting career!” She said, affirming the fact that she is a total nerd.

Aside from school and ensuring her bright future, Carroll’s interests lie within anything pop culture labels unorthodox.

Like the unintentional hipster she is, her major passion is a genuine love for comic books.

“I’ve been reading them since childhood.” She recalled. “My dad was also into comic books and it was naturally passed onto me.”

Before our small town was ever graced with a comic book shop, Carroll frequented peddlers mall and yard sales to fuel her DC addiction.

“My favorites by far are Catwoman and Harley Quinn.” She admitted eagerly.

But at the end of a day Carroll is just a normal girl (with extraordinary qualities). With a shy demeanor, and warm aurora, she’s the girl who finds a best friend in her younger sister, the girl who mediates an argument because she craves peace, the girl who puts off her summer assignment just like the rest of us, the girl who listens, and above all the girl who we could all use as a unique addition in our lives.

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Under the Radar: It’s Always the Quiet Ones