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TCHS Students Host Veterans Ceremony

December 5, 2016

Veterans Day is about the anniversary of the signing of the armistice and about the veterans being thanked for their service to the United States. At Taylor County High School, we had an assembly on November 11, and we invited veterans to come and be thanked for their service, for going out of their way into helping the USA.

There was so much action going on all day. Uniquely, it was our students who organized and facilitated the entire event. Getting ready for the ceremony, having the ceremony, and after the ceremony, brunch for the veterans, and cleaning up. We had students participate in everything.

During the ceremony we had lots of commotion going on with setting up for those who were coming to watch, be a part of, and to celebrate those who gave their time for us.

Landon Thompson, junior, was a speaker, the FFA folded the American flag, Choir and Band collided together to present their special music with the band, Culinary helped with setting up the brunch for the veterans, Cardinal Academy had created a sacramental video set up on the big screen, the Student Advisory Council Members spoke during the ceremony led with prayers and read original poetry.

The audience was phenomenal! Others were watching the ceremony they kept looking at students and they watched with full attention and they weren’t talking off task or being rude.

The way the ceremony was set up and done, I loved it. It looked so organized and not exhausting and wild to keep up with. Everyone was a part of something.

Even the audience made a big impact on the ceremony by helping with songs and clapping and celebrating for Veterans Day.

But we can all thank Ms. Lindsey McPherson, college and career readiness coach, for the one who was behind all of this. If it wasn’t for her, the assembly would have been a lot different. She did a great job with getting things organized and laid out so that we can impress ourselves and the veterans who participated during the ceremony.

Obviously the ones who passed during their times of fighting for the USA couldn’t be with us. But we all know they were with us in our hearts and in spirit and they are never forgotten and we appreciate everything.

We could not possibly understand their ultimate sacrifice, but we can show our appreciation, respect and kindness. And at the Veterans Day ceremony the TCHS student body did exactly that.

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