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Dragons of Draakovia Prologue

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There exists a world, far away from our own and yet right here.  This world is very unlike ours.  This world is full of magic: wizards, elves, dwarves, dragons and more.

This world comes into contact with ours every so often; sometimes people see things from the other world while we’re in contact — the loch Ness monster, large flying creatures, and many other things people call “cryptids” on Earth.  In reality, these “cryptids” are simply creatures from this second world that are passing between dimensions at weak points during close contact.

But none of that is important.  What is important is the boy.

Christopher Stevens.  He goes by Chris.  Unknown to him, even though he seems to think it, this 16 year old stereotypical white boy who just recently started growing facial hair is the most important person on this planet.

See, Chris isn’t from our world.  Of course, he doesn’t know this.  As far as Chris knows, he’s just a normal kid from a small town in Kentucky.  He may be full of himself, but he has no idea just how important he truly is.  If you haven’t picked up on it yet, he isn’t just some kid from another world, either.  No.  He’s a prince of this other world.  At least, he would be, except his royal family sent him here to live amongst Earthlings when his parents’ regime was overthrown in a coup by their wicked minister.

Now, this other world is in a state of chaos.  The minister declared himself eternal overlord and holds magic that most would never even dream of.  The rebels, those who were loyal to the Reinwald regime (Chris’s real name is Christopher Titus Reinwald II, after his great-grandfather Christopher and his father Titus), are in a perpetual state of just trying to survive, their numbers dwindling day after day.

Now that Chris has turned 16, it is time for him to return to his place of birth.  It is his job to defeat the minister and reclaim the throne in the name of the free people of Draakovia, which is the name of this other world.

Now the question is, can he do it?





Side note: This is the prologue to a story I will be writing in my free time called Dragons of Draakovia.  The first few chapters will likely be uploaded here.  After that, they will be published elsewhere.

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Dragons of Draakovia Prologue